"Leave your property concerns to us"
Given the hectic lives we lead, it is sometimes difficult to control and manage a especially if this is not our frequent place of residence.
According to this lack of time and availability, we are here to help.
We offer a range of services to our customers so that they can relax and enjoy your properties always in the best conditions.
Bill payment - we take care of all the administrative service related to your property, we make your payments so you don't have to worry, presenting a monthly report of your expenses.
Service supervision - We supervise the scheduled visits of service providers in the their property to ensure their smooth execution.
Weekly visits - We guarantee weekly visits to your property in order to guarantee the good functioning.
Maintenance - We carry out maintenance services on your property whenever requested or when detected and the same is necessary, for the proper functioning and conservation.
Cleaning - We offer a cleaning service adapted to your requirements in order to maintain the your property clean, cared for and ready to use.
Pool and Garden - We work with a trained and specialized team that is committed to maintain the best conditions in your outdoor space.
Decoration - If necessary, we can provide assistance in the acquisition of equipment and preparing your property.
Monetize your property
If you want to make your property more profitable, we can help to advertise it in various tour operators and specialized online sites.
We prepare your property to receive and ensure a pleasant stay for your guests and to guarantee their satisfaction and we also provide a complete cleaning and laundry.
We perform the check-in in person and charge a security deposit on arrival to guarantee the maintenance and replacement of any property damaged during the stay of its guests.
We offer an SOS service to assist your guest with problems technical issues that may arise during the stay.
We check out your guest at the end of the stay so that we can check the
state in which he left the property and in the event of some damage, it is possible to retain
the value of the security deposit to repair them.