Photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic energy

Solar energy is becoming a viable solution not only for the production of hot water, but also for the production of electricity.

Increasingly it is being used with great success in larger areas, such as on road signs on motorways and now also in dwellings.

Rooms isolated, problems in energy supply, become from now easy to transpose problems, because thanks to the production of photovoltaics could totally independent houses the energy level.


The easy portability and adaptability of modules - allows mounts

simple and adaptable to various energy needs. The systems may be

sized for applications of some milliwatts or kilowatts.

The operating cost is reduced - maintenance is almost non-existent: not

need fuel, transportation, or highly skilled workers.

Photovoltaic technology offers environmental qualities, because the end product is

non-polluting, silent and does not disturb the environment.

Painéis Fotovoltaicos / Photovoltaic panels