About us

DomuScience arises from the need to solve problems in the field of civil construction and technologies associated with it. Due to the fact that there is some difficulty in finding specialized technicians and, sometimes, achieving perfect coordination between them,
DomuScience assumes the role of making it possible to offer its customers a more efficient service with greater guarantees.

Knowing that unity is strength, we have put together a group of specialized technicians and top equipment in order to satisfy all our customers' needs, because only with complete satisfaction on their part will it be possible to prosper and continue to grow.

We are a company that pays special attention to environmental issues, as it is up to all of us to preserve and take care of our planet. Like this, we seek to use materials that have a low impact on the environment, such as the use of recycled materials and cleaning spaces. We work to build a better future. Contact us and let our professionals help you find the best solutions for you!